The Moodle Reader Module

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  • The Moodle Reader Module provides quizzes on over 4500 graded readers and books for young readers, so that teachers can have a simple way to assess their students' work. All quizzes are randomized with a time-limit for their completion which allows students to take the quizzes open-book, even at home, while minimizing the possibility of cheating. Note that there is no reading material for students here apart from the quizzes themselves.

    The Extensive Reading approach to language acquisition advocates the reading of a large volume of material that is easier than the learner's language level, rapidly with little dictionary use, of material of the learner's own choice. Through this massive amount of reading the student can internalize the grammar and vocabulary that has already been studied. See the Extensive Reading Foundation ( and the Extensive Reading Pages ( for further information on this approach to language learning.

    This particular site offers support to those who have installed the Moodle "Reader" plug-in on their own school's Moodle. For schools that do not have their own Moodle please consider the new non-Moodle, more user-friendly browser-based interface which can be viewed at  An screencast overview can be found here. English curriculum administrators and individual teachers are welcome to create their own "school" on Mreader. Please contact Tom Robb ( if you would like to view a sample course.

    In order to maintain the security of the site, please write from your institutional email address rather than a free email account and provide details concerning your institution, the potential number of student users and the graded/youth reader series available to your students.

    You do NOT need an account on this Moodle system in order to access the basic information or to download the software plug-ins. If you intend to use the software on your own Moodle (rather than establishing a course area in for your students) or have already installed the system and wish to download quizzes, please establish an account here first and then contact Tom Robb for authorization to download the quizzes.

    Quiz Security Policy: While this software is freely available for anyone to use, the quizzes may only be downloaded by recognized educational institutions. Access is denied to sites that allow free access, or offer free accounts.

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